Siren’s Appreciation and Gratitude for a Successful Season 2021

PEI Island walkers:

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”

        -John Muir

Bright eyed, wide smiled, Lola and Viola eagerly approached us upon their arrival at Siren’s Beach Motel. Unbeknownst to them, Sandy and I were just as excited to meet them as they were our first Island walkers. As we were dropping off the walkers to their destination points we got to know the people who dedicate their time as they persevere in the arts of walking our beautiful planet. We received hands on experience of the walker’s excitement for our Island exploration and simultaneously discovered new places on our island which we were unaware of. We got to see the dedication each and every day and share in the stories of their experiences. Thank you Linda Lowther for introducing us to the Island walking experience. Thank you Island walker’s, we appreciate you sharing with us your experience and choosing Siren’s as one of your destinations. We hope to meet many more walkers in the upcoming season. Share your story:

Thank you to the Cyclists who decided to join us for the evening and relax on the shores of our beaches prior to cycling away the next morning. Special thanks to Jay and Deb who commenced
their cycling tour from BC cross-Canada making it all the way to the Northern tip of Prince Edward Island, your dedication is astonishing. Follow Jay and Deb on:


Fishermen and women:

“Fishing is not an escape from reality, it is a deeper immersion into it”

     -Harry Middleton

Fishing enthusiasts arrived from all over the country to try for the King of Fish; the Blue Fin Tuna out of North Lake Habour. Equipped with gear and rods, bright smiles and a sense of eagerness to jump on that charter boat, watching for the winds and tides as the sea calls to them, off they went sailing into the deep blue to find that tuna, the king of fish. The stories shared at beach camp fires and fish caught on the shores of our beach provided for an amazing
sea experience for other customers staying with us and much learning about our ocean for both Sandy and I. We were further honored with the stay of Ken Frazer, the Guinness book of
records largest tuna catch weighing just under 1500pds. His reminiscence of the North Lake Harbor in his day and our motel was a gift within itself as were the gifted Captains from the North Lake Harbor who worked closely and diligently with us to be able to provide for an amazing experience. See you next season, ship ahoy, and thank you.


“Bubble People”:

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart”

      -Eleanor Roosevelt

It was such an honor and pleasure to see your smiling faces once again this season. It was an even greater pleasure to give you a hug and hear all about the winter past. Your presence felt like family visiting, the familiarity and support you have given us, sharing your life stories, swimming, laughing, and enjoying along-side with us, you made our season here at Siren’s heartfelt. We hope to see you again in the next season, to share all we have shared and more.

Couple’s and Newcomer’s:

Thank you to all the new people we met this season who came to enjoy the Siren’s experience. To all the romantic couples who decided to share their precious anniversaries with us, to all the
families who swam, laughed, and watched the breathtaking sunsets with us, to all our friends and individuals who entrusted Siren’s as their destination, we are deeply grateful. You taught us a lot and brought us a million smiles. We truly hope to see you again next season.


The Community:

Much gratitude is felt for the Community of North Lake. The delicious restaurants who work tirelessly to provide the foodie experience in our community:

  • Food with a View, thank you for always being there to deliciously service our hungry customers.

  • TNT: thank you for teaching our customers the art of local seafood.

  • The Boathouse: thank you for tirelessly serving homestead meals.

  • 21 Breakwater: thank you for the gusto cuisine you muster to provide daily.

  • Our Harbor Master: thank you for being there for our customers when the gigantic tuna come in and thank you for keeping our Harbor safe

  • Charter Boats: thank you for working closely with us to provide an unforgettable Atlantic experience for our customers.

  • Mike and Rhonda’s delightful organic vegetable farm, thank you for sharing all that the earth so gracefully gives and you nurture.

  • Elliot’s: our one and only Convenience and small grocery store, thank you for supplying all of the convenient needs always with a smile.

  • Our beautiful craft stores adorned with local artisans.

  • Our Handymen: thank you for keeping our motel functioning for the needs of ourcustomers.

  • Our neighbors: thank you for stepping-in when needed.


What a gift it is to be amongst you all.

See you next season, Liz and Sandy