Islander Stay-K Packages

Romantic Package - Starts with 2 Night Experience … $598.00 All Inclusive!


The Mermaid Cove is Romantic, Sweet & Decadent!

  • Upon arrival the Boathouse Eatery will prepare your Romantic dinner for two!

  • During your stay bicycles for two will be available for your enjoyment!

  • Sleep in or take a walk along our beautiful white sand beach before biking over for a Canoe Date

with “picnic basket for two”. Enjoy a romantic afternoon canoeing around North Lake or simply
cuddle up for a siesta…East Coast Style!

  • Enjoy the Sunset with Private Beach Fire, wood, starter & marshmallows!

  • Arrive back to your room and indulge in a couple Poke bowls for a late night snack!

  • All arrangements will be pre-confirmed for your convenience.

  • Gratuities are not included.

  • From Siren’s Family Sandy & Liz.

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